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Stop and stare at this killer collection of 15 eye brushes that our babes are totally crushin’ on. Don’t just take our word for it. Listen to other Morphe Babes that totes have your back. COLLECTION INCLUDES:
E27 Pro Round Blender (synthetic bristles)The rounded top is great for diffusing eyeshadow to give you a new crease on life.“I absolutely love this brush. It blends out shadows like a dream!!!” -SummerE22 Pointed Blender (synthetic bristles)Great for carving out your corner crease. PRO TIP: The tapered tip makes it easy to apply concealer to imperfections during a zit-happens moment.This two-fer is totally more than meets the eye.“Nothing blends better than this baby!“ -MarieM433 Pro Firm Blending Fluff (goat bristles)Play both sides. Use the belly/side of the brush to pick up shimmery eyeshadows and stamp color onto lid. Use the top to create a perfectly blended crease.“Every YouTuber says this a must-have!” -SavannahM441 Pro Firm Blending Crease (goat bristles)The perfect balance of medium-to-firm bristles for defined diffusion of any transition situation.“I would recommend this brush to anyone and everyone that loves eyeshadow!! It’s so easy to blend and wicked affordable!” -ChrisM573 Pointed Deluxe Powder (goat bristles)Point your crease blending in the right direction. “My favorite brush. It blends everything so seamlessly, every time. I have 2 and another on the way. This blending brush is life.” -RandaM330 Blending Crease (sable bristles)The bristles are more flexible, allowing for a foolproof way to blend that crease color like a boss.“Use it every day. Couldn’t live without it! It picks up shadows so well and does its job. Perfect crease brush.” -DannyM139 Tapered Crease Blender (sable bristles)There’s a bit more density to these bristles which help build up those deep and sultry shadows into your corner crease. Date night, anyone?“I never thought I needed a blending brush until now.” -RenataE17 Crease Precision Blender (synthetic bristles)Blends out your eyelid primer (or anything creamy). Also, great for fitting in small corners of eyes and that poppin’ tear duct. “If you have smaller or hooded eyes, you will LOVE this brush! I cannot do my makeup without it.” -BeccaM506 Tapered Mini Blender (sable bristles) The perfect crease brush for small, hooded-eye babes. Gets right in there and gets the job done. “TRUST . . . You can't live without this one! If eyes are your thing, buy it. I bought 4!! Yes 4, for the perfect blender!” -AngeliaM321 Bullet Crease (sable bristles) Use this MUA fave to smudge your eyeshadow or Color Pencil under lower lash line, nailing that whole sultry AF look. “This is great for shadows on the lower eyelid line and for shadows that I want more concentrated right on the crease. Love it!” -SaraE18 Round Crease (synthetic bristles)It may look like the E17, but this bigger sister covers more ground. Just like that.“Love love love this brush. I’m definitely a beginner, and this brush has made it a lot easier to get a good look!” -DelaneyE36 Detail Crease (synthetic bristles)Carve out a killer crease or use under lash line for some va-va-voom saturation.“I LOVE this brush for blending out shadow on my lower lash line and applying inner corner highlight. It’s amazing, especially for the price! Buy it, you won’t regret it!!” – Dani143xoM432 Flat Liner Definer (synthetic bristles) Use with concealer for tracing under brows before highlighting. Boom. Smooth and poppin’. “This brush has changed my brow game.” -BridgetteE29 Angled Brow/Spoolie (synthetic bristles)Use with powder to create a bushy, full brow or use with cream-based products for super-defined brows. The spoolie clears up any mistakes.“It has the two things for a perfect brow!” -JazminM213 Smudger (sable bristles) Ideal to lay down your color on smaller lids or apply your lip color with sheer precision.“I love this brush! I cannot highlight my nose without it.” -JackieSISTERS NOT TWINSWe get it. A few of these babe faves may look like they are twinning, but they aren’t. We promise. Grab the brush that werks best with what yo mama gave you (features and skin tone).
E27 & E22: great for creamy-to-matte eyeshadowsM441 & M573: preferred for picking up eyeshadows and powdersM139, M330 & M506E17 & E18





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